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Catonsville & Sykesville Physical Therapy


To All Our Patients:

We are living in a time of heightened concern due to the spread of COVID-19 around the world.

Catonsville & Sykesville Physical Therapy is monitoring the situation while doing all we can to provide our services safely.  We have had communicable disease policies in place since opening in 2005, and it is important to note the specifics today.  We are and will continue to follow all CDC, state and national recommendations.

We know many of our clients are at an increased level of risk to any illness due to age, health status, or being immune-compromised – these are the clients we are focused on protecting.


At Catonsville & Sykesville Physical Therapy we have increased our frequency of cleaning the space and keeping surfaces disinfected.  We will have gloves and disinfectant wipes available for all to use.

Our therapists take everyone’s health very seriously and we will cancel sessions if a therapist is unwell.

We ask you to call to reschedule your session:

-if you are sick, running a fever, or feel like you are coming down with something

-if you or any close family member have been exposed to COVID-19 (the Coronavirus), the flu, or other communicable disease

-or you have any new respiratory system symptoms – coughing, sneezing, wheezing, stuffy or runny nose

-if you are experiencing mild seasonal allergies with upper respiratory symptoms, we will need to confirm you are not running a fever, severe seasonal allergies will need to reschedule

Our cancellation policy requests 24 hour notice; however, if you newly fall under any of the categories above, we will waive the cancellation fee – please contact us immediately.  We ask you to reschedule for a time when you are feeling better or not contagious.


Want Some Help?